How to recover without loss MySQL MyISAM table files?

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Good day!

Have damaged disks on the server and partially lost data.
Backup part of the database was not the most relevant, so it was decided to restore the database from the preserved files .myd .myi, .frm.

Since the tables were MyISAM, then the recovery itself is simple. Stop mysql, copy the files in the directory, run mysql.

At the end of the database has risen, at first glance, all is well, but it turned out that some of the records in different tables (in one database). CHECK TABLE if any problems does not show, and indeed at work in General, no problems are seen. No weird glitches, no corrupt or incorrect records, that is, it looks like everything is fine.

Accordingly, this has given rise to 2 questions:

1. Properly conducted process of restoring the database? The idea here is there is no difficulty, copied the files and ready. But maybe there are nuances?

2. In General, how could it happen this situation? Judging by the fact that all recovered without any errors, we can conclude that the DB files were not damaged on the failed disk. But why and where missing entries? Maybe I still have a way to get them? Just in my understanding, if the file has been damaged, has not recovered anything. And then beyond that just disappeared somewhere a few hundred/thousand records. (Only DB on 100k+ records)
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