HTTP/2. Why the site slowly loaded over https?

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Hello! The website on the virtual world. hosting from Beget. Decided to switch to HTTP/2, since the multiplexing, speed and everything. Certificate of Let's Encrypt, outputs, and connects it Beget, without our participation, just click "Install certificate" in the PU.

After the transition to the new Protocol via a secure connection when you first load the site became a very long time to load, slower 3 times than before. In .htaccess removed the redirect, to see the difference. Tested on different devices, with different Internet connections with different providers. Everywhere the same story.
Plagued support about this, but in addition to bringing screenshots and "we are all loaded equally well" is not heard.

The link to the site: and respectively.
I hope you will be able to help. Thank you!
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2 Answers

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we have all loaded the same

First you need to open the Network panel in the browser and find out what exactly caused the "has become very long to boot" - server long answer, the long connection is established, scripts block rendering or something.
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Noticed that different queries are listed (probably some kind of script to "police" user activity for statistics). Try first to disable it.
PS: my site is loaded for 2 seconds.
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