Can I withdraw money from UPWORK on someone else's map in this scenario?

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Are a resident of the Russian Federation fully registered in the Russian Federation.
Was on Apwork under his real name.
Can I withdraw money from Apwork (which has accumulated there on my account) on the map (or rather the account linked to the card) of another person, also in Russia, and a resident of the Russian Federation?
Provided that that other person (or even a stranger or relative) in quality of information for transfer of money gave me the details of your card (payoneer or skrill, in fact that sort is not registered in Russia), or give an account (address) to PayPal.
Is this possible? I understand it will have in his account to begin to specify these other people's account details where I will transfer money?
Will you give approval for such action himself Apwork?
Will check this point?
Or is there just entered the card number / account?
Or need account verification that it is my personal (let payoneer/skrill/paypal)?
Or no output, and output only to the accounts / cards that are purchased solely in my name and only me used?
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If you put in the Bank the exchange control, the Bank will have many questions about the origin of money and it will be a game of roulette.
On PayPal the idea of questions should not be from time to time. If you regularly see large amounts, the account can block for illegal business activities. Better get on your account, so at least the issues will be less.
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verification is not needed, Skrill rock, but they are suspicious ACCA local
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Apwork requires that the name of the card and your account the same.

Have skril very large Commission and blochat people just like that sometimes.
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