What kind of knowledge management system to choose?

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Good day! Tell me which CPS can be matched to the following tasks:

Requirements to BZ:
1. Quick access to information, a quick search online in a large amount of information:
• Semantic search (extend search query semantically close words);
• Search tags;
• Content types;
• Fuzzy search (the presence of typos and errors in textual information).
2. Support of various document formats (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).
3. The levels of access and information protection: access control at the level of individual documents flexible management of user rights.
4. Integration with it management (we HPSM) (search in BZ according to the classification treatment, filling, BZ according to the decision of the specialist is sent to the moderator for consideration adding the solution as a KB article).
5. Versioning.
6. The categorization.
7. Filtering.
8. Construction of tables.
9. Alert on the amendments (the man responsible for the service or related service).
10. A news feed with the ability to attach files, add comments.
11. Comments and comments to articles warning of the moderator.
12. Logging and the ability to rollback edits.
13. Backup.
14. You are not tied to cloud services, one must have the ability to deploy locally, within the company.
15. Regulations, regulations, rules and regulations, documentation, processes.
16. Reference regulatory information (such as: CSC – code of the budget classification and SPGS - directory of objects of the state order, etc.).
17. Register free \\ paid FOR with policy counterparts.
18. The registry staff.
19. Management contact information (e.g., vendors, warranty services), link to the actual list of employees.

In my opinion it is not for the knowledge base, but suddenly it is possible to write on one product or product group:
1. The register of contracts (delivery to the Central warehouse, tender documentation).
2. A login / password (information systems, portals, personal offices), the protected area (for personal use or group of people).
3. A budget revision.
4. Magazine account Manager to work with reviews on quality.

And most likely it's a separate software, but also suddenly there is a group of products that in conjunction can work:
1. In the user interface displaying the tasks according to the calendar (fixed, appointed leader, and personal added by the user).
2. Accounting licenses.
3. Database at the TMC.

I considered many different options, now focused on xwiki, but I think I could of mind to miss a number of any commercial products, probably due to their lack of sharing, here is the question find not free, but it is advisable to best fit the list of requirements to the product in its possibilities, ideally to combine all items under a worse scenario, the first two blocks, but in the worst case, at least the first 19 points, although under them I think maybe xwiki fit. Possibly before someone was already a similar problem and you've learned it's best not to try to combine some of the items. I would be grateful for any ideas.
From all that has already examined: Yandex connect, OneNote, Mediawiki, Dokuwiki, Xwiki, Confluence, smartportal.pro, zoho, kbpublisher, mindtouch, rizzoma is that something was hooked, those that just about anything, even I will not enumerate. For any ideas grateful!
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view Alfresco, but the maintenance / creation of features not cheap
the easiest way zoo Giro with the downloaded license

or any API - practice pokazyvaet that it is easier to create the functionality separately from integration than to go into the code of the system

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