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How to extract audio tracks from ISO disk image in Linux?

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The question seems to be stupid and trivial, but no tool to solve the problem is not found.

cdparanoia works only with real drives.
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3 Answers

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Found a solution, "MDF Audio Extracter", a very small utility which does exactly what we need (the way my original was MDF) — pulls out wav files of the tracks, which then can be encoded
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If you skonvertit ' in something, it should work simply:
flac --channels=2 --sample-rate=44100 --endian=little --bps=16 your_disk.iso -c > your_disk.flac (options naturally do not have such)
But if the original is needed, that is cdemu, it mounted the drive and then cdparanoia will do.
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The ISO is called ISO because it contains file system ISO 9660. This FS does not apply to audio CDs that contain tracks in a different format. Conclusion — you have no ISO image :)

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