Where to store and how to share a password among colleagues?

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decided to seriously address this issue, now the passwords are walking in the mail and in instant messengers and different bitbucket/backupmax. How are you?

For itself yuzayu https://www.keepassx.org/ but the interface leaves much to be desired, especially the password.
Thought to create a work file with the keys and toss them in the cloud, where anyone with access can edit and watch tech. passwords.
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To transfer mail, most refined version IMHO, and one of the most affordable for your organization. Store common passwords - somewhere in the database, with access via a personal loan. Is, perhaps, not to share passwords at all, but usually require BONDS in a particular service that lived longer than any personal TIES (like, say, ME to the postmaster on the Internet, or admin access to the web hosting), then somewhere to store them.

Instant messengers as a means of transmitting passwords - technically an option, if fully controlled, or in the presence of end-to-end encryption. The rest will flow once, and well if will flow later expires.

PS: those who post passwords on public sites where a man or robot can read - SSZB.
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Passwords of "public cloud" will flow just as well. Sending passwords through the mail -- the risk of leakage of these passwords is compromised mailbox.
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We have one model which when you enter stands use then the users are already asking the right password, well, only in person at the meeting on paper, if access to the external servers that we have an internal resource with notes on the ball. Access your network via l2tp over ipsec only+Nps verification using login password for the unit and the group

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