How to configure mail for a domain so that emails were processed on hosting and servers

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Good day!

Problem: (as I understand it) to Set up mail on a domain (like Letters must come on the boxes located at the hosting site (dedicated server) and mail server

Comment: At the moment the mail arrives at all the boxes of the hosting and only 1 on Thus for a domain is not specified MX record (as I understand it, by default the domain @ MX 0 @).

Question: Faced with the mail setup for the first time. How, exactly, to make this scheme work?

PS Also, welcome sensible links to information on this topic.
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3 Answers

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The easiest way is just to log in the box hosting the mail Mail.Ru will actually work as a web client to the box hosting to perform all the necessary synchronization.
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well, in DNS it is desirable to be able to understand
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You need to STORED messages here and there, and the "double backup"?
Take imapa not an option?
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