To establish a base of knowledge to the organization?

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It is necessary to organize the knowledge base for employees, which will be answered to the questions and describes the main business processes.

- the system should be closed
- should be rights, different departments don't need to see your information

Maybe someone has encountered and found a solution?

Google is not much help.
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4 Answers

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Well, in theory you can use any Wikipedia thing you can stick on your server.
Try to look, for example, in the direction of the Confluence.
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VSTS — up to 5 users for free, Unlim private projects, many of prekte you can create a wiki section (and, apparently, not one), which is essentially a repository of Markdown files.
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mixail82, most likely your company already has a Help Desk system in which the knowledge base is available out of the box) In my experience, these systems cover 90% of all occurring cases and even to buy anything you have to. Users will also be convenient since you don't have to remember different systems.
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Closed - meaning the source code is not available?
If you want paid support, it is available for open solutions, like Activiti, Alfresco.

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