Than to make a routine defragmentation of the SSD and HDD?

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Hi all.
It's been a while like that, but now both HDD at 2Tb clogged and it is now time in order to prevent diseases defragmentation and treatment of broken sectors.
Once used Auslogics Defrag, but now stopped using pirated software instead of buying it there is no desire.

In PC installed:
- x2 128Gb SSD
- x2 2Tb HDD

Advise, please, good is opensourse softinkoy for these purposes.
PS: the Existence of a special Defrag algorithm for SSD (I don't remember his name, but in the above program it was) welcome.
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3 Answers

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special Defrag algorithm for SSD (I don't remember his name, but in the above it was

Interested in this and even looked it up. Here's what he writes Auslogics:
"We had a lot of users ask us whether they should defragment their SSDs. The answer is “No”.

And further: "However, it's still best to make sure defragmentation is disabled." (it's about Windows scheduled disk defragmentation)

Defragmentation for SSD is bad - it will only increase its wear and tear and the translator will completely devalue the results on a physical level - to record the specific data in a particular cell will not work.

That SSD needs is a TRIM. If this team suddenly doesn't work, then turn.
Check - fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify at the command prompt. 0 - enabled, 1 - disabled.
This is important, for example, that the test of SSD before and after the TRIM.

For hard drives earlier praised Raxco PerfectDisk, but with time he, in my opinion, grown fat.
Of free must be suitable UltraDefrag, JkDefrag and still have Smart Defrag.
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Defragmentation of the HDD makes the OS starting with windows 8 this is done by the machine in the background.
SSD defragment is basically impossible.

All the special algorithms to defragment a SSD is just a profanation, and utilities this kind of produced the crooks.
Every person has at least a basic understanding of the work of the SSD will tell you this.
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SSD defragmentation is useless, HDD media system, if you wish.

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