How to make a "unique page" for search engines?

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Tell me is the search website for goods, the result is obtained in the form of a table.
The result in terms of uniqueness of the text can vary in its column "Price", "Number" well the title "Found in the region such 1120 elements".
Search engines think these pages are duplicates and remove them from indexing.
What are the solutions to this problem? Maybe there's a meta tag or what else?
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1 - use the product data markup ,
pay attention to the items that are similar to pages will be possible to vary (price, availability, quantity in stock)

2 - if the pages are regional, be sure to use markup delivery

3 - generate unique Title, meta description and h1-h2 of pages using the settings from the search filter. For example title="rod of *minimalisation* rubles *region* 200 pieces"

4 - make an option to leave a comment on the page and encourage the user to make an unobtrusive pop-up messages. As an option, ask was this page helpful if you clicked "Yes" then ask to leave a comment or share the page in social. network if you answered no, then ask them to describe the problem. An example implementation of a pop-up form

5 - pay a lot of attention to internal linking, for example create pages with lists like "the Most requested regions" or "Most requested products" widgets in the sidebar with popular products or "maybe you are interested in" similar products in the same region

6 - set sitemap.xml make sure you have everything you need for indexing the page

7 - close all unnecessary pages in robots.txt robots do not waste limits bypass unnecessary pages

8 - configure the site return headers, last-modified, so robots see if the page that's updated and not wasting time on pages that are not updated

9 - the unique texts on these pages will have no effect. The result can only be obtained by fulfilling all that I have described above
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Yes, actually no (gone are the days when you could pull in the index for 8 mil standard pages), desired content, somewhere I read that the markup in a table, the engines are simpler and considered as background information (if you are just on the website would have posted the table bradis).
If You have a specific reference products, where you can put its features and description, I can advise to make a text generator, which will be described on the basis of synonyms to try to generate unique text to a page with the template sample template
{Good afternoon|Hello|Congratulations} You are looking {the product|the product|gadget} {PRODUCT_NAME} our {service|site} {picked up|found|was generated} for You {deals|the results}

something like that - but coming from large aggregators they have their own item master data for each result they display unique information about the desired product
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Very simple:
To think why cops should be reason not to exclude these pages from the index
To think how man could get to some of them, whether they are in the index and why it
- Think about what would be useful is this page to the potential visitor, whether it is in the index
- To fix it. Ready!
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see competitors

in the process of experimentation you can fly in deep penal
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Add each product is not a great feedback from buyer. Generate reviews izhodya from section
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