Rtorrent + rutorrent: the crooked with the same settings?

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Have Ubuntu Maverick, she put a fresh xmlrpc gathered rtorrent with xmlrpc support. The famous error of the log of ruTorrent (asks to rebuild rtorrent) have disappeared, but there is a funny problem with saving settings — the feeling that they are written in variables, which do not correspond to fields in the form.

In other words — I put in the settings, for example, the port for outbound connections — after saving it remains the same, but some other settings are not saved.

rutorrent 3.1 \\ rtorrent Rev. 1148

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Like to make a permanent change you have to edit a file .rtorrent.rc in the home folder of the user which runs rtorrent. And the Web muzzle (ie via XMLRPC) to change the settings just before restarting. In any case, changing the file will help.

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