How to install wordpress on windows server Datacenter 2016?

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When installing WordPress on Windows Server 2016 there is a bug about the inability to connect to a MySQL database.
What could be wrong?

Install all components as in the tutorial:
- IIS with PHP support
- php
In config write down the database name, login, password, and clicking to install wordpress - error, does not see the mysql database..
And on normal versions of windows (not server) all rises without problems. Here like 10 times reinstalled in different manuals and videos - the result is the same/

Can you advise a link where are described the possible pitfalls in the installation on the server axis.
Microsoft Web Platform Installer does not offer - a large part of the components does not install (error, error, will not be installed, etc.).

Thanks in advance for the good advice!
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1 Answer

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Firewall check

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