Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 two access points, one with a VPN really?

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Since Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 two range, is it possible to do out of the box as I wrote in the question? If not out of the box, it is possible in principle, and where to dig? 2.4 GHz to keep the guests, friends, ladies, relatives come, but some phones are too old, there is most likely 5GHz, and let them separate access. To want to roll on 5GHz, but the access point install the traffic through the vpn when there was a lock hell from RKN - suffered our servers, had to persist in order to access them, now set up the VPN on other server too, but I want everything to be directly from the router.
Is it possible to do this on a simple router? Router this while the hands are gone, but captivates its cheapness and the fact that in principle, I like this firm, I see nothing wrong in it.
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reviews read

it without VPN on smoothly not badly enough, because of the prices

and so dig into the firmware

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