Fail Over cluster on Windows Server 2008r2 and Oracle Fail Safe Manager

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Faced with the task of setting the project on a Fail Safe cluster on the following tools: Windows Server 2008 (already configured a Fail Over cluster of two nodes) and 11g2 Oracle Standard Edition One.

As far as I understand, Fail Over OS-level must deal with starting and stopping services. Why, then, provides a special tool Oracle Fail Safe Manager? if you want to put the utility for the database?

Strictly speaking, the utility of the nodes I already have, but did not understand a bit, why specify an additional layer of abstraction over the cluster OS: virtual addresses, and more.

I would be grateful for tips for installing Oracle on a cluster as a whole.
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Oracle Fail Safe — BY integrating with Windows Faiover cluster, which monitors and migrates the database in the event of failure of the nodes, the cluster recovers after a return of one of the nodes, etc. simply put, it is the cluster at the OS level, and the level of the Oracle database.
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It is possible to use MS cluster with Oracle Fail Safe without, but in this case, you will need:
1)identify additional resources needed Oracle (discs)
2)determine the order of services to start Oracle
3)to replicate the installation of the registry and other configuration of your Oracle installation, etc.
Oracle Fail Safe, for example, when adding a database to a group, automatically adds the same group of drives depends on the database, and determines that the disks should be available before running the database. In a planned failover, Oracle Fail Safe performs a checkpoint.
Oracle Fail Safe also has a command line interface that can be used, e.g. backup scripts.
As I recall, if you use FailSafe it automatically launch and configure services, and verway node (provided that there is installed). To minimize downtime I recommend to use the circuit Active/Passive in a cluster.
This configure will not prompt, do not remember, but there is a manual:
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Hmm, and what kind of shared storage? Obviously it kroese and now the problem )

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