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Has anyone used SkypeConnect (Skype for SIP)?

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Actually, a subject. ( English)
Our company wants to post on the site Skype-press "call" to users of Skype were able to access our Call Center from all over the world, including from abroad, because in Russia we already have 8-800.

On Habre even there was annons release services from beta.

The main point of this was to route incoming multi-channel Skype calls on a crowd of Call-Center operators.
The vendor of our PBX is included in the list certified under SkypeConnect (Avaya) and SIP support in it, so this is no problem. But questions still remain:
Has anyone implemented this?
— What rake?
— What you need to pay attention to?
— How it works, is stable?
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1 Answer

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Realized, connect to PBX SkypeConnect Panasonik TDE200.
Rake was the only one on the website in the "verify the authenticity" is the item "Select a verification method of authenticity used by your PABX.", for normal operation you need to take the parameters in both tabs.
A little confused with the configuration profile for incoming calls, was necessary to create a new subscriber.
Is helpful, any problems was not observed.

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