Where to get statistics on the languages in the browser depending on the country?

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The question arose, what languages are chosen, users, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries, where the main will be English.
I want to first login the user to show "Imperial" units, but only for those who comes from the United States. To do with PHP until you want, you have to get out using Javascript.
Interestingly, languages in the browser, some of the British billed as en-us or en-gb, mostly. Where is possible to see?
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2 Answers

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in Google Analytics

Canada: 10 percent CN , 45% EN , 45% FR
UK: 10% PL
AU: 10% CN
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here in the world, according to the website can view and countries have
110,608 questions
257,186 answers
32,925 users