Slow graphics in Linux (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, GNOME 3.28.2)?

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Good afternoon everyone, the problems start right out of the box, the system 18.04.1 Ubuntu LTS, GNOME 3.28.2, there are noticeable brakes, jerks and freezes when rapidly moving Windows, browsing (google chrome, fifefox) scroll less heavy sites. Comp GeForce 9800 GT/PCIe/SSE2, 8 GB RAM, AMD® Athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 6000+ x 2, hdd 1TB), inhibits the same as on the wood of the box ie free and proprietary drivers for nvidia, digging into the settings of the browsers and drivers to no avail. May be someone faced with this? may need more fine tuning. The word no stocks of iron in a computer has never been observed.
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Recently put Linux Mint on a new laptop. Noticed that everything on the screen slows down about every 5-10 seconds. To be could not. The system is fast. I remembered that when you install systems with me when I pointed out that I want to install Proprietary & ThirdParty drivers, worked some kind of Secure Boot and there it was necessary to change/set a password. I just remembered that I made it all wrong and installed it as it happened. The system it established.

So tonight I started the video and I noticed that the system regularly podlagivaet. I pulled the Windows, hold the button and watched as the symbols appear in a text editor. In General, it was obvious that constantly .. regardless of the task. I reinstalled the system. Carefully followed instructions for setting up SecureBoot and everything started to work perfectly.

I'm almost surethat the problem was this.

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