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How to use sipnet through a corporate proxy?

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As an aside: broke yesterday my E51 :( with a configured account sipnet, but need to call long distance.

Installed the x-lite, status is "connected", but no profile nothing appears, no video. In the network to access the Internet using a proxy server kind

Skype works fine, but there is now no money for skype-out.

Tell me is it possible to configure the program to work through a proxy server? Or perhaps there any gateways/services to forward skype sipnet, but am interested in is landline calls on sip accounts.

Thank you.
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2 Answers

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When dialing a call, what happens? che said answering machine?
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X-lite proxy does not work (at least I did not see this).
Proxy usually only works with protocols HTTP,HTTPS,FTP, and so to let sip traffic through a proxy is illogical.
Possible traffic on port 5060 (sip) is blocked by a firewall.
Suggest to see a bunch of Asterisk+Skype.
If anything needs to be clarified, please PM.

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