Program for monitoring and statistics of running programs/tabs of chrome, etc.?

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Good day!
Once upon a time seen the program for monitoring the activity at the computer, now can't find, wishlist are:
mostly interested in running programs, how much time spent in one way or another (i.e. what was in focus), and display tabs of chrome (just headings, no addresses, etc.).
Ideally, of course, more screenshots at specified intervals.
Tell me, what is it called? Free under Wine.
PS keyloggers, tracking file changes, etc., and unnecessary functionality is not necessary.
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Catch my piggy Bank: - automatic logging, to see which apps/sites do you spend time, and displays detailed statistics. Free account almost enough for the eyes. - as rescuetime, automatically logging apps and sites + standalon powerful time tracker. Very flexible settings, sits in the system tray, the hotkeys are different types of timers. Paid. Article - similar manictime and rescuetime
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