Periodically to obtain the current frame of streaming video (stream) from Youtube and/or free Webcams?

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You should periodically get and display the current (latest available) frame stream from Youtube or free video streaming. In the Youtube API such chips are not found. All I've managed to find refers to static video, no streaming.

How is the work with streaming video? Where to start?

Deeply into the theme of the video decoding would not want to climb, because the task seems to be simple.

PS Did have to render the page with the video in some internal Qt browser and make a screenshot? Decode using ffmpeg? (sounds complicated)
This is some creepy crutches, I would like a more adequate solution.
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Casperjs to go to the youtube broadcast, the timeout for loading the save the player area. Profit.
On Casper it is about 25 lines of code, man pages will find examples of ass eat

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