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Do microformats on the position of the site in the issuance of Yandex?

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Not an idle question arose in connection with the alleged desire of Yandex give the user the sites with the most complete information on request and, where possible, and give her into the results. And microformats are just working on the user that is allow at least to give an informative snippet in the results. The idea is that this is a very positive ranking factor.

It's also possible that the presence of microformats allows to consider the layout as a whole better.

Did any of you experience of implementing microformats and then rise in the results?
Share it, please.
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4 Answers

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The % of transitions from the issuance will be affected. There is an opinion the more used formats, allowing the user to provide more information, the higher the search engine will supply the resource, but it is not a panacea banal thematic growth reference :)
Here is a translation from a tabular layout to a wonderful depth has allowed the site to obtain additional links from search...
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By the way, Yandex.The webmaster has the opportunity to customize the snippets:
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Bars information, but this question is at 26:10 (answer: no, not yet affected, but what about in the future is not known)

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