The website with the cheat sheets for Programming Languages

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Once habré PR a very good site with a bunch of cheat sheets for various programming languages. Now, unfortunately, turned into this:

Surely there are analogues, but they are poorly gugliada. Basically right now the spurs are interested in the following:
— C++
— Pascal
— Python
— Perl

Need Russian, because my English is not very good.
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0 like 0 dislike — a huge resource for Cheat Sheets for almost all languages and technologies. Resource in English, but the problems should not be — everything is intuitive and simple.
\rHere you will find a bunch of cheat sheets in most common languages and framworks for web development. Post in Russian.
\rWell, here's a small selection.
In General, Yandex->Images and search for "cheat sheets".

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