How to send email in messenger?

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The Lord is a hypothetical free messenger messages with the ability to create private chat.
Create this instant messenger conversation. Helmet allowed emaila (mail administrator) to a special email (must be issued by a messenger, to use) an email via normal smtp interfaces. The body of the email should be displayed in the conversation.
Is there such a messenger? Need it to be free.
If you suddenly ask me why such nonsense is what makes you up. I will answer this. The service tied to the account mailbox you can send on a box whose address I was told the result of this action to a phone number linked to my account will receive an SMS with the text of the letter. It is very convenient for example if my robot that is trained to send emails via SMTP suddenly this second automatically receives an option to send SMS to write in your group...
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In General I figured out how to send in messenger Slack. It was very simple and cool. You are no SSL certificates in bibere, batcape, etc., Though not answered the question in the stated wording, topic is closed
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You can try to implement through a thread zappier/iftt.
Well, at least there is Slack hooks, allowing spoil from anywhere in the channels. Only there on your side you need something on the server to do (most likely).
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There is a product Habarshi messenger. It can be anything and any fantasy works there

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