After entering the password — black screen (ubuntu 18). How to turn on the screen or system restore?

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Played with gnome. I wanted to put the topic. Set the initial package that allows you to install custom themes. In fact nothing set. Then decided to change the screen resolution. Tried different - put 1600x900 in my opinion. Became sluggish. I waited a little bit. Look - it's frozen. I turned off the computer. Now after the login password the screen goes black. And all not working...
Tried different commands to enter. And the system was updated and dconf reset did. Nothing happens. What to do???
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There smiling the terminal, where you enter in your user and restart your window Manager in Ubuntu 18 default gnome+lightdm, here is the link to the gnome
. Also check and change the resolution and LDM restart sudo service lightdm restart
If nothing works, then remove using apt purge, and put again, do not forget to remove or rename directories .gnome and .gnome2: /home/ or put another, for example unity
Don't know what the Manager? Just put and run another. Everything Google on the Internet.

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