How to traverse a tunnel through the computer running Win7?

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Good afternoon.
The essence of the problem.
1. You have a private intranet
2. You have a server under CentOS, only available from this intranet (A)
3. There is a computer under Win7, with access to the intranet through a specific VPN (a custom build. the decision, binding on the Mac address, to run on another machine it's impossible) (B).
4. (B) has free Internet access via Wi-Fi office

Task: to make it possible for any computer on the same network, and (B) to work with the server (A) using a VPN connection (B). Probably some hitny ssh tunnel or something similar. (C) you can install the software. (A) very limited (to raise private VPN impossible).

I would be grateful for any hint.
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1 Answer

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The idea is that it is sufficient to enable routing on (setting in the registry that may already be enabled) and configure all computers in its subnet gateway to the subnet A (to register a route to A via C).

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