How can implement radio in a local network?

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Good day, the task is not quite normal, and that is the main source of radio it is FM, i.e. you need to translate in offline LAN (without Internet access) a certain number of radio stations.
I.e. some piece of hardware roughly on the server as hardware, as software server a software on the similarity shoutcast from Nullsoft (Winamp) and actually any other client software on the client side
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If several stations then the idea will need multiple tuners.
If the tuners will be visible in the system as an audio device, it is possible to drive the stream using Icecast and IceS. Be the first to take the sound from the device to press in OGG and give the second. The second will accept connections from clients and broadcast them flow.

All the docks here

The specific model of the tuner do not tell, because the radio on the computer and never listened to in this way.

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