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Need practical advice on test automation

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There is a system:
  • A wide variety of applications on the server (planned continuous replenishment)
  • The client (two versions — java and web/flash) through which a user runs applications and manages

To find the best (fast and reliable) way to automate the testing process.
Tested each application (roughly speaking, runs through both versions of the client and is checked).
When you add a new application (or a dozen) you need to quickly and efficiently test their behavior when using both clients. The goal is the behavior of the application when run through the client should be identical (if possible) to his behaviour in normal startup.

Ask for advice based on experience — what tools are most practical and effective for this problem?
How best to organize the work?

Update: the Question concerns how specific tools used, and experience of organising such things.
If someone like that did, write 2-3 words, how to organize this. Thanks in advance!
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1 Answer

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Taken posovetoval:
1. Write tests for regressionnogo testing (for automating such tests are the most practical). But not all of the regression tests are suitable for automation — select or run.
2. The quality of tool I would advise TestComplete (first love after all :) ).
3. Speed and reliability depends on Your potential and skills. Better not to mess yourself, and find like-minded people.

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