Android in-app. How to implement the ability to re-purchase the same product in the app?

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Good day!
Do in the app store. Going to sell the same item more than once, but it's not a subscription so
in google console created a limited product
In the application to make a purchase using a library Checkout of this post
The library is checking on product type: if the type of in-app, and this product has already been bought, we get the error ITEM_ALREADY_OWNED (as I understand in this case the purchase request to Google not went)
Changed the type of subscription (SUBSCRIPTION) -there is a request to Google, but Google also returns a message indicating that the product is already bought
requests.purchase(ProductTypes.SUBSCRIPTION, "ptoduct", null, mCheckout.getPurchaseFlow());

A limited product Google is not allowed to buy more than once, and the subscription is not suitable for multiple purchases in korotichi period of time

As you can several times to buy the same product?
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Looked for an answer in other words - I think I have to use a consume
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After you have added the purchase - specific payment necessary to "close" - alas the name of the method does not say. Until then he will not be available for re-purchase.
Workflow like this:
The user gmake "buy" kick payment system - payment system-something moves, you have to spend the money - payment system pulls kollbek our priligy about successful payment - accrued what we bought in our attached (the internal currency of the game, for example) - say the payment that "everything is OK, we have accrued"

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