Android. Backup of contacts and the ability to restore only individual contacts

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Good evening.
Is there a solution for Android that would allow bekapit contacts (along with photos of high resolution) and would be able to restore individual contacts (not the whole thing).
What you need: often delete outdated contacts, to no fun in the contact list, but sometimes it happens that then again you start talking to these people, and no desire to re-create the contact, hang it on a picture and fill in the data "D. R., e-mail, web site, etc". So ideally it needs to be a contact Manager with the ability to transfer contacts in alternative storage.
p.s.: sync with Google is not suitable — for photos I have 800x480
p.p.s: given that the contact store is a sqlite database, maybe any idea how to do it on the DB level
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next, open the csv on a PC (even a notebook). can the Outlook. edit and fill back.

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