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Advise soft for directing the activities

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Description specifics: during the video shooting (of the film — does not matter) I have a written storyboard of the episodes in the order in which they will go in the final clip. Usually each scene lasts no more than 3 seconds and the material with which I work, is a 4-5 A4 sheets, which details all scenes.

Naturally, the plans are interleaved, i.e. the character is riding a car on 1-3 of their seconds, then two seconds, the average plan in another setting, then another three seconds — fly with the crane girls by the pool. Of course, you need not remove episode by episode, and at first, all themes with cars (which will appear in the middle and the end), then all the plans with the girls, etc. What I do (simplified): I manually label the tags of locations, actors and equipment, which is shooting. In the end, the result is a set of rows bound to timeline with the relevant marks, e.g., "clearing", "Glavgeroy", "5dmkii + static". I choose the line with the tag "glade" and remove them of the stage. Same with the rest.

Problem: can these leaves be put in an easy gadget, like a simple tablet, ebuka or netbook in a pinch, using some software that would provide easy control of the process (linked to timeline, editing), tihovanje and sorting by tags? The catch is that the tags need to place the value, that is. Ie when I have got all the plans in studica and I have a choice whether to pass the river and continue to withdraw from studica (to change the location, but leave technique) or stay in the field, but mounted faucet (leave the location, but change the technique), the software would be told the minimum counting time (of course, of the preset data on the time required for each of the operations). Ideal would be to seriously put down the tags and their values, and the software would produce an optimal sequence of shots with a minimized amount of running, reinstalling equipment and lights, etc. Plus the ability to mark already captured plans (fade, etc) and mark the ones you need to reshoot.

Whether it is feasible at some existing software, at least for the PC? Is it possible to come up with something for small and laganosky devices? Caught in principle by the software dedicated to the filming process?
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Ready solutions for your task is not met, saw a similar student diplomas on the subject, written in Visual FoxPro (preferably no contact).
Describe a detailed TOR and a website of freelancers. For ten kilorubley you will develop a suitable application.
If he was faced with such a challenge, I tried to automate this in Excel.
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Maybe you can help a program for drawing graphs of relationships (mindmaps).
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Will find many interesting videos here

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