(YII2)How to make AR search when searching for multiple values in one parameter?

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Good time of day.

Required to solve the problem: in search of AR for the time you need to process more than 1 value to find the parameter.

There is a column of the city. In search enter: Kazan, Samara, Rostov, etc. through the separator. Search handles each of the cities and taking the match.

In the model Search to organize too much, the foreach did not work. Broke the query using 'explode' at the comma and sent in a loop.
foreach ($array as $city_str) { $query->andFilterWhere(['like', 'city', $city_str]);

Prompt, in what side to dig?
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2 Answers

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I understand that is
must be
or most likely because:
$query->andFilterWhere(['or', ['like', 'city', $city_str1], ['like', 'city', $city_str2], .... ['like', 'city', $city_str999], ]);

Because Your option you will find the city only if it is called something like "the Kazan-Samara-Rostov"
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->where(['city' => $cities])->all();
where $cities - list of cities (an array).
The problem occurs as soon as you need fuzzy search (value).

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