Where to find an investor for a good mobile game?

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There was an interesting situation:

We (team of 7 people) has developed a cool game. Wrote almost a year invested in the development of a total of around 30 000$. Held a successful indoor test has done an excellent version for iOS and Android, and then...

And then, as a result of the market analysis, it is understood that the game needed to bring to market and support a "grown-up" to generate appropriate income and could gain millions of users. Competition is quite high in the overall market (in our niche better) and the cost of entry is quite high.

For VC we are still too small for angels, it might already be too large - looking for 500k$.

Question - where such projects to seek an investor\\s?
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How about crowdfunding sites? Try this if not all then at least part of the funds to collect there. Except that the little slukavit and do not say that the game is ready and you need money just for marketing, and describe so supposedly the part is developed and the completion and launch the necessary funds, I think, about 150K$ is quite doable if the game is good and make a nice package the product, and if the game will attract audience if not more to collect. Surely these funds should be sufficient to start and demonstrate the performance of the model(the ability of your game to generate money), but once you show that, for example, investing 1$ you can get 2$, then investors will have no problems. Investors need a working model in which k costs rubles generates n (where n > k) to provide means for increasing k which should lead to an increase in n, something like that, so to speak scale project that ran into a budget. Everything else for investors this adventure and "wet dreams of homestarter". I wish You good luck)
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As an option to go to a major publisher, or to some major igrodely to enter into a contract with a publisher.6
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Sorry for not replying right away, now very rarely happen here. I hope the question is still relevant, still to find 35M – is not easy. Now on the merits. Will come solely from what you told me.

1. You have can be considered, the finished product is very good, because some of them are looking for similar amount in the design phase of the prototype (almost at the level of ideas). That is wrong.
2. However, the product failed to deliver cash flow (it's not about profits), even if minimal, will be of no interest to the investor -> therefore, you need to create. And preferably with a minimum of cunning, which was advised above ( albeit in a slightly different direction). I mean first you have to deal with yourself to show that the product really has a market.
3. Not quite clear why you such a sum. It is equivalent to investment in the full product development, by today's standards. Well, okay, it's not about that. I'm sure you are all justified.

1. If you come to a crossroads, where one project is too small and other too big, a possible solution would be to split the amount of investment required on the part and attract investors for each stage. It is common practice in the venture: for 10 years the company have 500M, for example, but it "smears" the money for phase 4 (round) and attracts investors under each of them.
2. Or increase the cost of the project to be subject to the requirements of the VC. And for this the company needs to generate a steady income, profits can be negative, but the revenue is stable.
3. Again. I hope you have a normal fin.the model that justifies this amount of investment. As it will contribute to understand the share, or %, which would require the investor or which can be used in negotiations.
I am often asked, how much to give to the investor: my response is in proportion to its contribution to the future profitability of the company. Hence the interest to return. And here ephemeral table "on the knee" of little use and subsequently caused all sorts of conflicts and misunderstandings.

1. Recently I was involved in one project for the development of applications for service stations. We conducted in-depth market analysis and to develop detailed fin.a model that fully explained where the money comes from how many customers we expect to attract to itself and how much is everything from development to sales. There, too, needed a similar amount, which we have divided into 3 parts according to the stages of the project, turned out to be quite acceptable for an angel.
2. Another project, already engaged in construction, looking for 15M for real assets. The house is built in Yakutia and all the company's assets in the collateral investment. Those wishing to invest was a lot, but they demanded guarantees from the various funds, the cost of which ranged from 200 to 500 thousand a long way. The guys have such money available was not. In addition to the warranties were a number of requirements with transfer of some functions to outsourcing in top company, the cost of which was high. The idea of investing in the end refused and decided to go through state subsidies. Work is still underway.

What am I:
The first case is an example of the approach to attracting investment. If interested, we can discuss other options, but I need more information from you. Accordingly, the communication will take place is no longer here. Contacts in the profile.
The second case is raising this amount of money a pain. This should be ready and preferably with all weapons.

Email me with any questions. Success!

UPD: AND Yes, to look for investors for your game should be there in the same place:
1. Various community sites and aggregators – spark, business platform and other.
2. "Torment" funds, but only those that work with the gaming theme.
3. To take part in some exhibition games, as far as I know they are held every year in the MSC, and sometimes several times. I'm sure those who invest in the game go there.
4. And other places, information about which is in abundance there on the Internet. Because it is not where you are looking and the product which you offer. At catcher and the beast running.

Do you have a website, said if you something about yourself that you are ready to talk about the game, did already in the marketplace? If the game is on mobile, the first check will be just in time for Apple's app store and supply. Isn't it?
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Take a loan
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Write here if still relevant

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