In VirtualBox, when you connect via RDP iPad, the image is broadcast on the RDP host on top of the lock screen. How to fix?

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On PC Windows 7 x64
You have a virtual machine running Windows 7 x32 in VirtualBox 5.2.18.
(In a virtual machine installed Extension Pack and guest additions, enabled 3D acceleration.)
Also have an iPad on which you installed Microsoft Remote Desktop.

iPad connects via Microsoft Remote Desktop to the virtual machine via RDP.
The connection is successful, the screen of the virtual machine is enabled lock, and the iPad displays the desktop of the virtual machine.

The problem is the following:
If you run a 3D app (Game) on the iPad screen displays a black screen and only the mouse cursor.
In this picture the game is broadcast on top of the lock screen on the virtual machine (although this must be transferred to the iPad).

(The game itself is running in a virtual machine normally.
If you run the game on my primary OS, and connect to it via RDP from an iPad, everything works correctly.)

How can I fix it?
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What the crap with the video settings in virtual reality...
I understand 2d-3d acceleration worth it?
Generally broadcast the games via RDP is not normal)
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