Bypass Google after Hard Reset?

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Hi, asked me to help with the phone.
The story is this:
A friend bought the phone, on that phone was tied to the Google account of the old owner, but she didn't know about it.
A year later, she decided to change the password on your pattern and successfully forgot it. By the way, she already did a few Hard Reset s, hurry is not led...

Also, she has a second Google account, through which she was on the phone. But the phone does not accept it, says something about 24 hours to change your password.
When I tried to reset via Bootloader, I have also nothing happened. I read on the Internet - you can download the image from the memory card, but will it remove the old user?
What is generally better to take in this situation?
Phone - Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
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1 Answer

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It is difficult to say. I would try to reflash completely 4pda.

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