Recommend SVN server. Not very expensive but reliable

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Not in Ukraine.

SVN server need not me personally, but the firm I work for.

The goal is to find cheaper than a dedicated server.

Because to keep SVN in Ukraine (which is happening now) imposes its own limitations. Because there have been cases of confiscation of servers. And stayed work. We need to eliminate the data case in the future.
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You really want your source code/files to keep somewhere in someone else's svn?
Better cheap dedicated server to take where-thread and to adjust there everything is as you need to.
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In my opinion — dedicated server / VPS in a normal datacenter (better outside the CIS) — the best solution.
Let Just when it's on your ( or rented, but still under your control) gland spinning somehow feel calm.
Although, I find the decision strange at all — any company has the internal server, and store your code on them — and safer and more reliable, and more convenient in terms of providing access to corporate nets.
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Use Even in the free version allows you to create private projects. The admins are smart, does not lie. For half a year once was prevention and then for a couple of hours.
Integrates with all what is possible.

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