How to get data out of VMFS zvol after system failure FreeNAS?

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On the drive you installed ESXi on the same machine with FreeNAS. She gave the screws Hyper for iSCSI. The stick burned, put another imported ZFS volumes, created a new iSCSI setup, but when ESXi mounts the device, it displays as Normal, degraded. Thus, offering them to format and not mounting as storage.
The only thing in the Internet find:
esxcfg-advcfg -s 0 /LVM/DisallowSnapshotLun This returns output similar to: Value of DisallowSnapshotLun is 0 After this is done, issue a rescan of the storage controller followed by a filesystem refresh: esxcli storage core adapter rescan --all vmkfstools -V

But no effect it brings. They also say to connect two ways, but I have one NIC on FreeNAS and ESXi. Prior to the system failure, everything worked absolutely correctly. Now it is not clear how all these data to get, because the system even does not mount a zvol, because I do not know what to do with VMFS. Access to servers over IP-KVM how to get the data?
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0 like 0 dislike - it works, you need to mount the as drive. I have not worked, because NAS was a read-only mode, and Hyper wanted some changes to enter, apparently, to rewrite the title to read as disk and not as a snapshot.

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