Structure with a field containing a JSON string. As of this structure to get the correct JSON?

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Good day!

there is a structure
type DetailedReportRow struct { Id int64 `json:"id"` Dt *time.Time `json:"dt"` Phone string `json:"phone"` TicketSums string `json:"tickets" sql:"type:json"` PaymentSum float32 `json:"payment_sum"` PaySystemId float32 `json:"pay_system_id"` PayStateName string `json:"pay_state_name"` BusNo string `json:"bus_no"` }

there is a request to the database PostgreSQL, the result of which populates an array of instances of this structure
... var result []models.DetailedReportRow ... slq := fmt.Sprintf(` select p.success_dt as dt,, p.payment_sum, p.pay_system_id, as pay_state_name, bb.state_number as bus_no, p.json_data_r::json->>'s' as ticket_sums is the element s contains an array of simple objects of the form [{"p": 90}, {"p": 90}] FROM pay_payment p Pay_state LEFT JOIN ps on = p.pay_state_id Bus_bus LEFT JOIN bb on (bb.qr = p.json_data_r::json->>'q') ... `) controllers.DB.Raw(slq).Scan(&result) return result

field ticket_sums, of course, returned as a string.
next, the result vozvrashaetsja the client from the controller Revel:
func (c ManagerAuthApiCtl) BusDetailedReport() revel.Result { ... stat := repository.Bus().DetailedReport(date, system, fleet) return c.RenderJSON(JsonResponse{ Success: true, Data: map[string]interface{}{"stat": stat}, }) }

the client arrives json like this:
{ "success": true "data": { "stat": [ { "id": 185247, "dt": "2018-10-18T18:36:07Z", "phone": "0000000000", "tickets": "[{\\"p\\": 90}, {\\"p\\": 90}]", "payment_sum": 180, "pay_system_id": 1, "pay_state_name": "Successfully paid", "bus_no": "157 at 01" }, ... ] } }

you need to
"tickets": "[{\\"p\\": 90}, {\\"p\\": 90}]"
"tickets": [{"p": 90}, {"p": 90}]
i.e. as an array of objects, not a string with escaped quotes

search on the Internet has led to the fact that the field structure containing json should be declared like this:
type DetailedReportRaw struct { ... TicketSums json.RawMessage `json:"tickets"` ... }

but in the issued json'e field tickets is equal to nil

Prompt, who faced how to get the desired result?
Thank you!
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3 Answers

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You just need to make the tickets a field of type string and unmarshaling right out of him, leading to type []byte.

result := map[string]int{} json.Unmarshal([]byte(, &result)
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It is necessary for the client to throw the slashes from the string and all - str.replace(/\\\\/g, ");
"tickets": "[{"p": 90}, {"p": 90}]",
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search on the Internet led to json.RawMessage

the direction is correct
but at the same time in issued json'e field tickets is equal to nil

it is possible that controllers.DB.Raw(slq).Scan(&result) not can portray make in qualify to work with this type
try what happens if you declare the field as
TicketSums []byte
whether it data, if Yes, then you can dig further

to unmarshaling line, as suggested above, it is possible, if you need to quickly fix. As a solution - spike, the unnecessary overhead for decoding/encoding a ready json.

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