How search engines treat links redirecton via js?

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I am developing a site-otzovy various online services.

The website of each service from my website there is a link. The idea from the point of view PF is good: for example a person enters a query "company name+review"; goes to my website and read the reviews; then sees a link to the site this service from my website, clicks on it and there are already available services and is not returned in the search.

But while developing the website we made it so that links are not direct, but via the js redirect. If redirect does not kill all this positive chain of actions that I described? Well, that is, searchers may find that this is not the normal transition of the site, but something else.

ps I wrote the title "how Google is...", I was referring to both the search engines, including Yandex.
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Do not worry, and Google recently easy to recognize the links via JS redirect.
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Why so difficult? You could just link to sites close to noindex

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