Which GUI library to choose and what language to write?

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Greetings toasters!
Write a program (in spp and Python) and need a good GUI editor, free/taking % of revenue/not expensive. Disseminate the program code do not want (and ashamed "top" code to show). The program itself will be distributed free of charge, will be sold the subscription and dls. Prices will be with the expectation Russian, purely to pay for the server that would be enough. A simple design for me to kill the designer, therefore, desirable maximum functionality.
I jumped, stayed on QT. Good thing, is not no mistakes, but they pale in comparison to functional ( e.g. QML). The problem is the licensing on the free version. To purchase a license (459$ each month, CARL!) for program no.
've seen a lot of Python GUI libraries, but for the most part written in Qt (the logic would still need a license for it, but just never found the information).
If there is something like Unreal, and the world dectop GUI editors, please tell me. Or if you have something good, please share. I will try to repay you in full for your help.
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Free GUI library (C++), which I use myself:
- wxWidgets (paired with wxFormBuilder'ohms). In many places write that it is outdated because of the way messages, but You do not believe, at the library a long time have quite a modern way of handling events based on the signals.
- libRocket. More feature-rich library, based on the rendering of the GUI based on CSS. Will have to write an implementation of a renderer for a specific platform, but to get to work it can be anywhere.

That was considered, but never came to try, look delicious:
- JUCE. Free to the profit of $50k and puts your screen when you start.
- Sciter. Free for dynamic linking.

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