How to mount network drive samba without file synchronization?

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Put the package cifs-utils, but after the call disconnected, the files remain in the folder, if it download files. The fact that there is no space on the drive where you want to mount a network drive, but also need local access to the network drive for other programs. Anyone familiar with this situation, prompt please, be so kind :)
Need that file immediately flew to the ball, not zapisalas on the local disk.
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So the files will not be synchronized. Driver SMB/CIFS writes them immediately to the server.

You probably did not edited it, here is the file and written to disk in the directory in which the idea needs to be edited for network world.
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1. The ball must be mounted cifs mount-t cifs : /path/to/mount
2. If you mount to a directory that already has files access to these files will be lost until until unmount ball
3. Sync/transfer of files is done with the command cp/mc/rsync, cifs itself is a Protocol file access.
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