What is the easiest way to distribute Wi-Fi after you connect to the hotspot on win7?

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Good afternoon.
Situation: connect to the wireless network at the hotel. Access is given to one device. I want to use multiple (laptop, phone, tablet...).

Solution: set up on the laptop (windows 7) the virtual wireless network, and start... When you connect to the Internet from the other device straight to the website of the hotel reception (and the one he is already used to the laptop).

Solution 2: set up a VPN home network connection and share it to the virtual network. Everything is working fine. BUT, it requires a vpn server.

Question: how to simplify the task and easier to organize the distribution of Wi-Fi when you use the same access on the same WIFI. Preferably with the least amount of extra software, ideally all with windows 7.

Question 2. Is it possible to use for these tasks the router with alternative firmware DD-WRT, OPEN-WRT... (which is easier to set up).
Ie in fact it is necessary to organize a repeater, but the network saw only one device.
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Access is given to one device.

to use for these tasks the router

So the task of router is to give access to many devices with one connection (in this case). All of the device "behind the router" - "hidden" behind NAT.

Ie in fact it is necessary to organize repeater,

No, the repeater "amplifier/repeater". At least read the definitions of terms!
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xxx202 if you are given one connection? how to determine on which device? at the reception Desk?

Different variations, sometimes give the pincode, which you can enter and then the computer is not asking for anything more to enter (Mac bound apparently). Sometimes just a room number to enter and date of birth, the result also snaps the device.

The issue appears to be more "like the hotel network understands that the device traffic through it allow for others?".
If TTL to play, there will be no problems with other networks?

vinda works as a router and provides NAT. point. no options.

Really? I think if I were NAT, then everything would work as it should, but here is the problem, it turns out that shows other devices on the resonant network.
//I apologize in building networks user-level deal.

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