How to convert MKV with subtitles?

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Have mkv TV series for learning English
It has English sound track which one have to leave, and subtitles inside
How to export mkv to mp4 to put subtitles over the image embedding in the video both in Russian and English languages?


Premiere mkv file do not open, error corrupted file was
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Use MKVToolnix in order to extract the desired stream-s subtitles from MKV files.
Use to combine two streams SRT subtitles into one ASS.
Add the resulting ASS in the original MKV, and make it a subtitle stream by default.
And then, if I'm not mistaken, you can use VLC as a Converter the resulting file in the required format. If the subtitles are not "imprinted" into the image, then you have to record the screencast.

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