What formats forums there are and what options you prefer for yourself?

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The website on ucoz transferred to yii2. I want to change the format of the regular forum into something more comfortable, dynamic and addictive... But since I've never been an active user of any forums, you have no idea what kinds )

I know that there are puttee, there is a tree.
Typical structure : Forums - Group topics - Topics - Posts.
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Throw out the nonsense that "we must do something typical, but more" out of my head. You will make your decision, so you need to do as it sees fit. Make a list of requirements for the system that you want to implement. Detail this list, and after that, make a plan
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Alexander Sinitsyn, even Google was the idea of Google Wave, but it was closed.
By the way, Habr - it's the same forum, only there instead of a question - narrative material in the form of publication, and below is the discussion (comments).

As a novelty: I'd do a sort of "branches" of the discussions of SINGLE ISSUES by different criteria/priorities (all indicators - consolidated from the current node, including all of "leaf" elements): the max messages per thread, max of the votes of the usefulness of messages, maximum likes, maximum number of replies from the professionals (from users with high karma), etc. (all depends on the orientation of the forum).

And next (based on the selected sort) write the branches of OTHER discussions with similar themes, problems and statistics (pictograms characteristics with digital indicators) as the current branch.

Thus, you can quickly find the answer interesting and similar discussion not only on the text but on all important indicators.
Let it be: a forum with a context-node type of navigation. ©2018, xmoonlight .

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