Returned the money for the domain, but it is now occupied. What does it mean?

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On 2domains registered a domain in the zone."EN"
Topped up the account, paid the check, then the money in the account was returned to me, but the domain is now occupied. In the list "my domains" it is not. What could be the reason?
Thanks in advance for the answer.
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2 Answers

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There are a couple of options.

- For the same domain applied to another people at another Registrar and the hurry up faster
- Like domain Registrar and it emitirovav error decided to pick it up yourself or resell
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If you got the money back then you didn't buy it, why it should appear in your domains?
Most likely someone paid for his purchase before you and received the domain name, or it is necessary to ask the Registrar the reason for the refund.
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