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If you moved the chat bot from one designer to another, with the subscribers?

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Interest on each messenger separately: Telegram, Viber, VK and Facebook Messenger

Heard that it can be made and subscribers will not be saved
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Tell about the Telegram (if something is inaccurate, I hope will correct me):

"Subscriber" of the bot is a user that allowed the bot to write itself (via the command "/start").

On the Telegram servers the information about which user is signed on what the bots do, where it is stored. However, this information is not available to owners of the bots, and for bot does not exist an easy way to get a list of their subscribers (to iterate over all users telegram is not an easy way). Also bots have no way to see your sent messages + ways of getting "inbound" de facto make it impossible to see from the server history "incoming" for more than 2 days ago. Thus, there is no way to get from server Telegram list of subscribers.

The owners of the bots solve the problem of the control list of subscribers and correspondence the fact that they themselves retain all chat history and status. In your case all this information is stored in the designer/server that runs the bot. Thus, to move the subscribers may, if some way to upload a list of subscribers or history of one designer (if he holds) and pour in another.

UPD: It was all described for the case when the account of the bot remain the same, but change the server/designer. If you change the account the bot in the Telegram, there's even upload the list of subscribers will not help. In Telegram bot can't write to a person who is not subscribed to this bot. The only way to convert followers through the old account/the designer (or account of someone, but it will be spam) to ask users to move to a new account bot.

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