How to solve the problem of webrtc in 3G?

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Does not work connection between the clients using WebRTC, if at least one client connected via a 3G modem Beeline.

Is used for connection configuration, including the address of STUN and TURN servers. In this case, if the connection is not via 3G, then the connection is established normally.

On 3G the connection problem occurs at the stage of ICE. The browser console of firefox error message: "ICE failed. Your TURN server appears to be broken.".

In the logs WebRTC connection, you can see a sequence of messages (I quote in abbreviated form):

(stun/INFO) TURN Timed out
(turn/WARNING) mode 20
(turn/WARNING) nr_turn_client_error_cb
(turn/WARNING) failed
(turn/INFO) cancelling
(turn/WARNING) nr_turn_allocated_cb called with state 4
(turn/WARNING) nr_turn_allocated_cb failed
(stun/INFO) Timed out
(ice/INFO) All pairs are failed, and grace period has elapsed. Marking component as failed.

What could be the reason? Is there a typical or standard solutions for this problem?
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Timed out suggests that the time is up, most likely the packets are lost EN route.
First, do not use public STUN/TURN servers.
Second, try to fine tune your turn server to make it work via standard 80 and 443 ports.
It is very desirable to have all communication passed through the port 443 and TLS, in this case, it is costly to do DPI.
If the migration was just the normal web ports and inversion in the TLS tunnel don't help, then you will have to look for something instead of WebRTC. Most likely the ISP uses signature-based methods for the determination of the traffic and just destroys packs.
Providers are not interested in competing on-net traffic, so be prepared to fight.

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