The performance of GP in the domain, like scales?

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How does the number of GPOs performance of the domain controller?

50 objects of GP (not necessarily applied in one ou), a lot or a little? But 150?

Which is better in terms of performance, combine multiple policies with one parameter in one object, or to use the concept of one parameter = one object?
It certainly is not about GP, in which there is a complex variation of parameters. I.e. the essence of the question is, do I need to start collecting all the policies with one or two parameter one larger policy to prevent loss of performance AD
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Absolutely no. At least 1000+. GPO controller is just files lying in blast ball. The whole process of the application executed on the client, and everything you need from the controller in the case of GPO is to be available. Grouping rules, etc. policy is your personal pain. Collect all one-or two - as you then something troublshooting or change you? Crush 100500+ for every sneeze, you can grow a huge garden, in which you then get lost. Here you just need common sense and analyze your specific situation and your approach as clear as possible the name of the policy, and grouping of theme settings. The approach in grouping rules, in fact, similar to the group of users of computers in AD - you should not use group and everywhere to give rights-are on the users-computers are stupid, but to make 2-3 groups and only on them to differentiate - too that still pleasure and effectiveness)))
PS don't touch the default policy.
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