How can I treat files with size 0 bytes?

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A USB flash drive (LUKS, Ext4), which has been copied several files and folders. The transfer of data to the drive lasted a few minutes, and during this process, the drive was exported bookmarks from Chromium. After some time it was discovered that some files are empty and have a size of 0 bytes, but all the folders are "empty" files that have the size that they were supposed to have the undamaged files.

Is it possible to restore these files? Thank you!
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Safely removing(unmounting) invented for wimps.
Highly likely that the files had not yet physically written to the disk because the recording is nasirovna. Ie before you can pull the flash drive have to give the command sync or unmount disk(if unmounting is also happening sync ). Can certainly try to restore the files but I think that the chance is sufficiently small.
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