Please advise on development of Web applications, how to implement accounting and database?

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Welcome, it took the need to implement accounting system applications.
The essence of the system to keep track of: ordering the positions of superintendent and approval of the order of 2 departments, search provider supply, payment accounting, delivery to the warehouse (status), the arrival at the warehouse (notification of the superintendent), and the cost of each position in the order.
Some of the positions require the attachment of the passport.
Providers can be several for one position, there can be multiple invoices from 1 vendor, pre-and post - payment.
Bringing all to the table, the best implementations are not yet invented.

The question how to build a database for faster work. Stored in different tables and link via the ID?
There is a need of filtering on all fields, filter by supplier, search order invoice (an invoice), orders: the object Manager, foreman and other...
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I worked in the same organization with similar objectives, but the data was millions. Database - MSSQL, quite coped with the work well to monitor requests, run tests, and see where that load, and the request fails. And almost all the data was in one table where there were more than 150 columns.

It also had a binder where the columns was not enough and had to tie in, otherwise it was a complete Orgy. All was carried out that will limit the number of queries to the database, and everything works pretty good.
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ARX2 Or abuse, draw table, then draw the relationship of these tables.
This way you will be able to build a flexible system.

user - employees
group - departments
supplier - suppliers

order - orders
order_approval in this table record ID order and (the user ID or ID departamentos), which would give approval to the order.
order_supplier - provider communication and order
order_payments payment


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