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UTorrent — priority ipv6 peers?

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The ISP uses ipv4 and native ipv6 (not Teredo).

Limited to channel ipv4 to 512kbit. For ipv6, as well as on a local network the speed is not cut.

Hence the desire to configure the torrent client in the following way:

1) When downloading to give priority to ipv6 peers and local peers (That is, if for example only the distribution of 1000 seeds, 50 ipv6, and 10, local, first connect to the last 60 peers, and then if the limit on the number of connected peers allows you to rest). Now, the client first connects to a bunch of peers in the ipv4, the speed is low. Then after some time finds 1-2 feast with ipv6 and begins to swing them at high speed. (and sometimes, but swings with the same low speed as the others. I don't know how uTorrent works, but if he is trying to somehow limit the speed, so as not to clog the entire channel, it does that even if ipv4 is the canal is full, then ipv6 speed limit is not necessary?)

2) to Limit the speed
  • total speed of up to 8Mbit (do not flood the channel of a local wireless access point)
  • the speed of non-local ipv4 peers to 256 KB (So as not to score the all torrents a 512kbit)

When trying to configure the following problems arose:
  • About the priorities of the peers — have not found such option in settings at all. It is possible for local peers, the client does so, as the situation is typical. But for non-local ipv6 peers doubt that he makes a priority, as the situation when for ipv6 speed is not limited, and restricted to ipv4 — custom, and to take advantage of it you need to tweak the settings.
  • about the speed: found in the settings options: either to limit the entire rate (including for local peers) to some value, or restrict only the speed of non-local peers. That is not quite what I need. (a need different speed limits for different types of feasts)

Client: uTorrent 2.0.4

Tell me how to get closest to the specified configuration from uTorrent? Ready to move to another client if there are more flexible options such a plan and supports downloading via RSS.
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1 Answer

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I'm afraid you have something confused utorrent.
The maximum that can be achieved — to put on top of it an additional program, like netfilter, and it is to try to set such restrictions.
I'm afraid that such a program will not find.

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